The 2011 Program

The 2011 'Golden Pencil Awards' attracted a record number of entries. Consequently the standards were very high and it was therefore very difficult for the judges to select the final festival screeners, let alone the award winners. However we are delighted to offer festival visitors the following excellent films, representing a wide-ranging selection of both original and high quality animated endeavors. Significant this year was the fact that traditionally animated, 2D films were in the ascendancy and therefore they have a stronger presence in our screenings than normal.

In addition to some of the quite exceptional films being screened this year we have two keynote presentations by top industry professionals. Max Howard is a respected Hollywood producer who has been involved in many significant films - from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" for Disney at the beginning of his producing career, through to "Igor" his last independently produced 3D movie. Max will present a cross-section of his work and experiences at the heart of the big-screen production industry.

Paul Fierlinger is an exceptional illustrator and artist who turned his hand to animation in the form of a number of short films. Working together with his wife Sandra, his latest triumph is his independently produced full-length movie "My Dog Tulip". Together, Paul and Sandra will introduce "My Dog Tulip", after which the film will be shown in its entirety.

Central to the "2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival" activities is the announcement of the 2011 Golden Pencil Awards, which traditionally kicks-off the evening session. This year Awards will be announced in most categories where films were considered of merit by the festival-judging panel. An additional non-competitive award, the "Roy E. Disney Award" will be announced. The 'Roy E. Disney Award' is annually presented to the person or organization considered making a significant contribution to the world of animation. The recipient of the award is only announced at the event after the Golden Pencil Awards have been declared and screened.


1.00 pm: Festival Opening


1.10 pm: 'Best of the Best' winners:

As the festival in now in its 5th successful year it was felt time to honor some of the best of the award-winning films that received Golden Pencil Awards to date.


The Musical Genius of Mozart McFiddle

Way of the Mantis


Movement and Stillness


Alien for Christmas

My Happy End

The Chestnut Tree


Sebastian's Voodoo

Apple/Bird & the Bee "Again & Again"

Mr. Lux


The Mouse That Soared

Higher Education

Light Headed

Yellow Sticky Notes


2.10 pm: Break


2.20 pm: Award Contenders 01

The first of two programs that features the films that are finalists in the Golden Pencil Awards competition.

Philadelphia Chickens

If a Tree Falls in the Forestů


The Tannery

How the Coyote got his Cunning


Paper Indians

Love in the Mountains

How to Make a Baby

The Renter




Death Buy Lemonade



3.20 pm: Break


3.30 pm: Max Howard


Max discusses some of the more than a dozen feature films he has been a part of while working at The Walt Disney Company,  Warner Bros. and DreamWorks.  From Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron, via The Iron Giant.


4.45 pm: Break


4.55 pm: Award Contenders 02

The second of two programs that features the films that are finalists in the Golden Pencil Awards competition.

Intergalactic Who's Who - Pork & Being

Ode To Post-it Note

Don't Text & Drive

Intergalactic Who's Who - Praapredatorpree


The Gentleman's Guide to Villainy


Intergalactic Who's Who - EMZee

Prayers for Peace

Alex et les fantomes

Intergalactic Who's Who - Vegetation of Zig 5

Man and Cat

Mondo Claymo

Intergalactic Who's Who - Zig


Sorry Film Not Ready

Thought of You


6.00 pm: Dinner Break


7.00 pm: Awards Program:

The Golden Pencil Award winners and screened films.


8.00 pm: Paul & Sandra Fierlinger ~ "My Dog Tulip"

Introducing one of the most unique and remarkable animated movies of the past year.


10.15 pm: Festival Close (approximately)